Thundercrack! makes national news

. . . that is if anything on Fox can be called “news.” In a piece headlined “Perverts Put Out,” Fox talking heads get their panties in a twist over San Francisco Frameline’s screening of a thirty-five-year-old film. It’s heartwarming to know that Thundercrack! still offends the delicate sensibilities of conservative prigs, but watching them express their outrage on national television is exquisite. I would like to personally thank Rupert Murdoch and especially Roger Ailes and his minions for giving national publicity to Thundercrack! I know that George (Kuchar) also thanks you, as would Curt (McDowell) if he were still with us.

Disclaimer: I developed the original story concept for Thundercrack! with friend and director Curt McDowell and also wrote and performed the film’s score.

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Thundercrack! stills are copyright © 2004, Melinda McDowell (thanks, Mindy!).

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