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if I lived there

. . . I would probably never leave. Near the end of April I was a guest of the Sociology Department at Notre Dame de Namur College, which has its main offices in the old Ralston mansion in Belmont, California. While there, I had an opportunity to photograph the mansion house. Enjoy.

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another glorious sunrise

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01 April 2011

italianate lanterns

The next time you find yourself walking about the San Francisco Civic Center, take a close look at the lanterns on the War Memorial Opera House and the Veteran’s Building and especially those that illuminate the gateway between the two buildings. Of course the architecture is beautiful, but the lanterns are sublime.

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one for the history books

500e block O'Farrell

“500E block O’Farrell Street”

Written by architectural historian Michael Corbett* and photographed by me, the survey nominating the Tenderloin to the National Register of Historic Places has been accepted and approved by the State Historical Resources Commission and the National Park Service. The most fascinating and, in my opinion, the best neighborhood in San Francisco is now officially the Uptown Tenderloin Historic District.

Speaking for Heritage, we are delighted with this anticipated news.

We very much look forward to working with stakeholders in the Tenderloin to advocate and educate on preservation of our city’s great architectural and cultural identity, and how, with good planning and neighborhood participation, we can improve the quality of life in this great neighborhood.

Congrats to you for your keen eye and careful documentation, Randy Shaw for his vision and leadership, to the superb architectural historian and author, Michael Corbett, who continues to document and write on places important to all San Franciscans, and to the many other important people who made this happen.

Jack A. Gold, Executive Director
San Francisco Architectural Heritage

*Corbett, Michael R. 1979. Splendid Survivors: San Francisco’s Downtown Architectural Heritage. San Francisco: California Living Books.

200o block Leavenworth

“200O block Leavenworth Street”

gray skies all around me

Saturday Morning – Hyde Street

“Saturday Morning – Hyde Street”

The rain and pain continue unabated* so all I’m doing today is putting up a previously unpublished photograph of some of my favorite San Francisco architecture, taken just before a downpour.

*I’m not in Spain and here there are no plains (if you don’t get it, by George, try Googling “songs from My Fair Lady by Lerner and Loewe”).

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